2015 – Review events/technologies

As 2016 opens up , I’d like to do a quick review some of events/technologies that have made an impact/difference to my day to day work and career from 2015.



SCOM is one of the main monitoring tools I use in my day to day job, and if you’ve ever used SCOM you’ll know that is does a pretty good job of collecting a plethora of metrics. However where it falls down is in presenting the metrics in a decent and timely fashion. Enter SquaredUp to save the day, with its fast, modern , and most importantly, HTML5 dashboards and web console.




I can honestly say they guys at SquaredUp really get customer engagement, they are always looking for feedback, good and bad, from their customers/users and community, to help them improve the product. For more insight into what SquaredUp can do, and to see how easy it is to setup dashboards, head over to their ‘Videos’ section of their website here



I have to say Infinidat came a bit out of left field, while looking for storage to update one of our cloud environments, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise. Infinidat was founded by XIV innovator Moshe Yanai. Their Infinibox product with a touted 99.99999% uptime, thanks to the use of Active-Active-Active head units, and petabye scaling was of of particular interest to us.  Not to mention the easy, quick provisioning of volumes, via the HTML5 (yay) console and great performance metrics via the Infinimetrics.






And not forgetting the cabinet looks pretty damn cool, with its green lighting ….





Without doubt the highlight of my career for 2015 was being awarded Veeam Vanguard status, and a trip to VeeamOn in Las Vegas. See previous posts for more details :-




2015 was a very busy year, both at work and in my personal life. I’m hoping 2016 is just as exciting, and challenging, as it gives provides me with material and opportunities to blog about.