5 Pillars of Veeam

During a recent Veeam UK webinar featuring David Spence (Under the Hood of Veeam Availability Suite V9 – Top Unknown features), David mentions the ‘5 Pillars of Veeam’ , which are :-

High speed recovery

Data loss avoidance

Verify protection

Leverage data

Complete visibility


This was the 1st time I had heard anyone referring to the ‘5 Pillars of Veeam’ , and it got me thinking how do these ‘pillars’ map to Veeam products?

Veeam have several products, so here’s my take on how the 5 pillars map to their existing product list.

High Speed recovery

This is an easy one , by using Veeam’s patented vPower NFS feature (https://helpcenter.veeam.com/backup/vsphere/vpower_nfs_service.html), VMs are up and running in minutes rather than hours.

Data loss avoidance

This was more tricky , but I would put this down as

Verify protection

By using SureBackup/SureReplica jobs (https://helpcenter.veeam.com/backup/vsphere/surebackup_job.html) , users can easily spin up their VMs , using their backup data, to verify the data is available in a usable state.

Leverage Data

Storage Snapshots (https://helpcenter.veeam.com/backup/vsphere/backup_from_storage_snapshots_hiw_hp.html) , allow users to use their existing storage provider snapshots as the source of backup data. This could also apply to Surebackup, as users can leverage their backup data to verify their backups.

Complete visibility

I guess this refers to the likes of

All 3 products offering a view into your Backup and Replication infrastructure.


Short post, but the simple mapping of the pillars and Veeam products, make it fairly obvious in my eyes. Let me know your thoughts.