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Veeam Replication : Re-IP Linux VMs

In a series of recent posts (part1, part2 and part3) I discussed the setup of a Veeam replication job to replicate 3 Linux VMs to a remote DR site. The final step, before hand over to  was to test the DR failover functionality. Setup Veeam does a great job of automatically applying new IP addresses to Windows VMs, but can’t…

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VMware vCloud Director Lab gotcha

Last week I took part in a VMware vCloud Director workshop, and during the week the group I was working with ran into a little ‘gotcha’ while constructing the lab environment that even had the instructor stumped (for a short period of time). VMware vCloud Director Setup Our lab consisted of a 2 host vSphere 5.1 HA/DRS cluster (resource cluster)…

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