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If like me,  you’re an admin of a large Veeam infrastructure/estate, then there will come a time where you need to make changes to a setting/settings across the estate.

For example, you may want to want to enable Storage Level Corruption Guard on all your VMware backup jobs. 

The manual steps for carrying these steps out are as follows:-

  1. Edit the required job, and click on Storage link

dit Backup J b[VPS2 VMw Type in a name and description for this backup job. e Wind Virtual Machines Storage Guest Processing Schedule Summary Name: Description: Created by 8SO at 11/03/2015 11:16. Previous  

  1. On the Storage screen, click Advanced.

dit Backup J b [VPS2 VMware Wind Sto rage Specify processing pray server to be used for source data retrieval, backup repository to store the backup files produced by this job and customize advanced job settings if required. Virtual Machines Guest Processing Schedule Summary Backup pray: Backup repository: scum (Backup Storage Spaces Cluster) 29.8T8freeof192T8 Retention policy Restore points to keep on disk: Configure secondary destinations for this job Choose... Map backup Copy backups produced by this job to another backup repository, or to tape. Best practices recommend maintaining at least 2 backups of production data, with one of them being off-site. Advanced job settings include backup mode, compression and deduplication, block size, notification settings, automated post job activity and other settings. Previous Finish Advanced Cancel

  1. Click the Maintenance tab.

Advanced Settings Backup Maintenance Storage Notifications vSphere Backup mode O Reverse incremental (slower) Integration Scripts Increments are injected into the full backup file, so that the latest backup file is always a full backup of the most recent VM state. @ Incremental (recommended) Increments are saved into new files dependent on previous files in the chain. Best for backup targets with poor random I/O performance. Create synthetic full backups periodically Create on: Saturday Transform previous backup chains into rollbacks Days... Converts previous incremental backup chain into rollbacks for the newly created full backup file. Active full backup Create active full backups periodically O Monthly on: v @ Weekly on selected days: Saturday Save As Default Months... Days...

  1. To periodically perform a health check for the latest restore point in the backup chain, in the Storage-level corruption guard section select the Perform backup files health check tick box and specify the time schedule for the health check.

Advanced Settings Backup Maintenance Storage Notifications vSphere Integration Scripts Storage-level corruption guard Perform backup files health check (detects and auto-heals corruption) v Months... C) Weekly on selected days: Friday Full backup file maintenance Days... Use these settings to clean up, defragment and compact full backup file periodically when the job schedule does not include periodic fulls. Remove deleted VMS data after Defragment and compact full backup file 14 @ Monthly on: v C) Weekly on selected days: Saturday Save As Default days Months... Days...



Now if you imagine doing that across say 15-20 backup jobs, this task soon becomes quite laborious. One obvious answer is to use PowerShell and script these changes, which in itself is time-consuming to compile.

However thanks to the always helpful Tim Dewin (, a Benelux Systems Engineer for Veeam, there is now a way to apply these changes en masse quickly.

Solution  = Veeam SuperEdit


This little application acts as a small C# GUI wrapper around predefined PowerShell scripts. With the application, you can select all jobs/items or isolate individual jobs/items. There are 4 possible selections available, for mass editing:


Backup Jobs VMware

Backup Jobs HyperV


VI Proxies


Each of these selections then has several settings to be amended:-


Backup Jobs VMware

Dirty Block Exclusion

Swap file Exclusion

Job Deduplication

Compression Level

Storage Blocksize

Restore Points


Synthetic Day

Synthetic Day Spread

Storage Level Corruption Guard


Defragment Delete VM

Postscript (Every Run + Name Param)

Backup Jobs HyperV


Decompress Before Storing

User per VM Chain

Align Blocks

Running the application

  1. Clone or download the zip file from the Veeam Git Hub repository
  2. Extract the package to a folder on your Veeam Backup and Replication server
  3. Locate the folder ‘nightly-build’
  4. Run the latest build ‘SuperEdit_20160803’ (as of 3rd May 2017)

**NOTE** you will need to run the application from an administrative account or using the ‘Run as administrator’ function. If you don’t, then your Veeam jobs/devices won’t show up in the application.

Now If I want to enable Storage Level Corruption Guard across all my backup jobs I select all the relevant Backup Jobs VMware > Select All 

At this stage, I can Review the PowerShell command that will be executed against my VBR server, and make amendments if necessary.

And there you have it, a quick and easy way to make changes across your Veeam backup jobs, proxies and repositories. A very handy tool 🙂

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