Veeam Weekly Digest – how do I get it? **Updated 1/2/21**

Veeam is one of the rare companies where their upper management actively engages with their tech community. Anton Gostev, Senior Vice President of Product Management, is a very good example of this engagement done right.

It may surprise you to know that Anton compiles a weekly newsletter advising people on a wide range of Veeam, and from time to time non-Veeam, related activities/news .. “The Word from Gostev“, now called “Veeam R&D Forums Digest”

How do you subscribe to this newsletter? Well, there is no conventional “sign me up” page as such. Subscription is handled through the Veeam forums (


  1. You will need a Veeam forum account, so if you do have an account, head over to and sign up. **NB you will automatically be subscribed to the newsletter**
  2. Sign into the forums.
  3.  At the top right, click on NOTIFY ME ON POPULAR TOPICS IN: 


4. find the section Subscribe to weekly digest of top forum topics and ensure it is set to Yes. From here you can manage all your subscriptions to the various forum subtopics.

5. Now you should receive the weekly newsletter, to enjoy over your morning cuppa 🙂


In the 6+ years, I have been using Veeam,  I can count on one hand the number on times Anton has not delivered his weekly newsletter, which considering his position is quite a feat.